What we do


pexels-photo-59107-min-compressorPost production

We are perfectionists and will fine-tune and finalize your audio to your needs. Mixing, editing, arranging and the addition of audio-FX’s are all part of this process. It is all about fine-tuning and tailoring the different audio elements to the project.





apple-laptop-macbook-pro-notebook-min-compressorSound design

Sound design is a crucial component in movie & video productions, multimedia projects and in music overall. PVSProductions provides unique sound design for your brand, campaign or project. The goal here is to create a flawless connection between audio and visual components.




pexels-photo-89957-min-2Music production

We create, compose and produce music for all type of projects and in almost any genre. Anything from commercials, keynotes, after movies, trailers, explanimations can be enriched with uniquely created music and sound.

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